Blob Lava Lamp Set Up

A laid back and easy lamp to enjoy, Blob Lamps are truly mesmerising, but do come with one or two rules to help you to see the very best that your lamp has to offer. Don't let your lamp overheat, keep it flat and upright, and always ensure that the coil is in the bottom. Problems are rare, but the solution is often quite easy and straightforward to manage, simply contact us for more information.

Lava Lamp Assembly Diagram

Initial Set Up


  1. Take the bulb out of the white box within the packaging and screw inside the lamp base making sure it is not loose.
  2. Place the base on a flat surface and put the bottle on the base making sure it is central and upright.
  3. Add the top cap.


  • Plug in and turn on the inline switch.
  • The lamp will take up to 2-3 hours to start flowing.
  • The lamp may take a few uses to work at its best to disperse air bubbles in the liquid.
  • Air bubbles in the glass are normal and not a product defect.

Where to place your blob lamp...

Picking the right spot can help your lamp to work effectively so consider these:

  • Place on a level surface wobbles please!
  • The room should be between 18 and 24 degrees centigrade, any colder and the lamp may struggle to work or may not work at all; any hotter, the lamp and its contents could overheat and damage the lamp.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight - overheating and colour fading hazard.
  • Keep out of the reach of children under 14 - the lamp could be hot and is also breakable.
  • Do not handle when hot.

Top Tips

  • To prolong the life of your Blob Lamp try not to use for more than 6 hours a day.
  • We recommend the use of an automatic timer for convenience.
  • Lava lamps - overheating can result in no movement of the lava or many small blobs of lava.

2-3 hours to warm up
2-3 hours
Your Blob Lamp can take up to three hours to warm up and work effectively.
Gets Hot - do not touch
Gets hot
Blob Lamps need heat from the bulb to work. Other parts may get hot too!
Do Not Shake
Don't shake
Avoid moving or shaking the lamp when it’s on or when it is still warm.
Turn off after use
Turn off
For long life and best effects, Blob Lamps should be on only for six hours a day.


  • This product uses heat from the bulb to work.
  • The whole lamp can get hot and should not be handled - allow to cool after use.
  • If the bulb stops working replace with a suitable bulb.
  • Do not move or shake the lamp when in use or when the product is still hot or warm.
  • The contents of the lamp are not dangerous yet the bottle is made of glass.