Where to buy Blob Lava Lamps

We're super proud of our groovy range of Blob Lamps and so they're only available to buy through our friendly retail partners. If you'd like to become the proud owner of your very own Blob Lamp, simply head to The Glow Company at www.glow.co.uk, or if you would like to get in on the Blob Lamp vibe and become a retail partner, then please head to our official distributer www.light-sauce.co.uk.

Official Retailer

Buying one or two Blob Lamps for fun, for home, or as a gift...

  • Find the full Blob Lava Lamp range including accessories and spares
  • UK independent retailer, always on hand for friendly help and advice
  • Customer service support
  • Next day delivery available
  • Guaranteed
The Glow Company

Become an official retailer of the Blob Lamp range and spread the word www.light-sauce.co.uk.