Having problems with your lava lamp?

Not working? bubbles? Not flowing properly? ...here are a few tips that might just get your lava lamp back on track.

The Light on my lava lamp does not come on?

Check and replace the bulb with the same type and wattage as it came with.

Still not working? Replace the fuse in the plug.

Air bubbles in the lava?

Don’t panic! This is normal and not a fault as lava often has bubbles in it. However these can be reduced.

It can happen to new lamps and also those that may not have been used for a while or moved. Simply turn off, let cool to room temperature and try again. You may need to repeat this a number of times. Just use normally and the bubbles will reduce.

Air bubbles and imperfections in the glass

The glass bottle of the lava lamp has bubbles or imperfections?

Don’t worry, that’s just how they are made!

Lava at the bottom

My lava stays at the bottom?

Firstly, check that your lava lamp is not in a draughty location or a room too cold (18-24c is ideal).

Most likely the problem is that the metal coil is not right at the bottom of the lamp. The coil helps to heat the lava and get it flowing.

Warm up for 3-4 hours, if the coil is still not right at the bottom - gently rock the bottle if needed (use oven gloves if hot!).

Still no movement? Please check your lava lamp bulb is the correct wattage.

Lava stays at the top

My lava stays at the top?

Your lava lamp has overheated, turn off and let cool.

We recommend that lava lamps stay on for 6 hours and then cooled until next switched on (consider a timer to auto on/auto off).

Please check that your room is not too hot (over 24c) or that your lamp is not in a sunny position.

Lava lamp is cloudy

My lava lamp is Cloudy?

This can be due to very small particles of wax in the liquid. Warm up for 3-4 hours then turn off.

This may need to be repeated a number of times.

Just use normally and the lamp should clear.

Most issues with lava lamps can be remedied by warming up for 3-4 hours and turning off and let cool to room temperature. Repeat this until the problem is solved.

We hope one of those tips helped you!