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Blob Lamps – THE Lava Lamp company with a cool range of designs and fantastic, vibrant colour combinations. Choose your Blob…

Inspired by the groovy lava lamps that were the staple of any hipsters home in the 1960's, Blob Lamps keep the bold colours and the iconic lava flow, but with four different designs, you can express yourself, and your mood with your choice of Blob!

About Blob Lamps - Lava Lamp range...

The Vintage is an extra special nod to the iconic lava lamp design from the 1960's, it's instantly recognisable shape complimenting any interior and bringing with it a groovy retro vibe that has stood the test of time. The Rocket takes the hypnotic lava flow and blasts off in the style stakes, recognising the Space Race that was in full flow in the 1960's. The Modern is just that! All sleek, clean lines softened with bright neon lava, whilst the Big Blob is just the opposite, with flowing curves that make it quite simply mesmerising!